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JAC Beauty
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  • Feb11

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    Dear JAC Brides!

    My apologies for the lack of updates! A lot of my brides have asked to keep their photos private, so to honor their requests, I haven’t posted them on here. But YES! We are still going strong~

    I also wanted to thank you for the honor of sharing your special day with us! I am thankful for the friendships that I made with all of you and love how incredibly personal our lives have become~

    Stay tuned! I will continue to post updates as the photos come in~ But for now, thank you!

    Love you all!


  • Apr27

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    Click on thumbnail images for larger size

    This wedding was certainly bittersweet.  It was one of the last Jina and Carol east coast weddings!  So it was quite memorable.  Here are some photos of this creative wedding!

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  • Feb13


    After 3.5 years, the time has come for J & C to part ways! :( Only because I decided to be a stinker and move back to California. No worries, JAC will continue to live on different coasts. Each year has been better than the last — we thank our wonderful brides and future brides for their kindness and generosity! Living here for 3.5 short years, I still think it’s the most romantic and awesome city evarrrr!

    - I’ve learned so many things in the wedding industry. I share them with my friends all the time and they think it’s hilarious and useful. So why don’t I continue to share them with you??

    C’s Random Ramblings and Rules:

    - You must should love everything you are wearing on your wedding day. Hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, dress, bouquet. If you don’t, the fact that you’re not that happy about it will be EMPHASIZED on your wedding day. If you don’t like it, just take it off or switch with someone in your bridal party. It’s never too late!

    - Honestly, it’s OK to freak out a little bit. I expect some nerves and awkward smiles, but J and I have been REALLY good at calming brides down. What helps? Some music, talking about your life as normal, just being silly with your girlfriends and laughing. My gawd, LAUGHING is surely the best medicine on someone’s wedding day!

    - I will never not feel nervous about waking up on time… I may feel just as nervous as the bride! Sometimes I can’t sleep because I have nightmares that I wake up late and ruin a bride’s wedding. That would be my worst nightmare!


    -  J and I really do love weddings. People ask us if we are sick and tired of it, but it’s been about 5 years in and I’m still not tired of listening how you met your husband and what dress you’re going to wear.  J and I also have this incredible work chemistry that is VERY rare and special! I love it when people think that we’ve known each other forever, when we barely met 4 years ago! J is so, so awesome and she has strengths in the areas where I have weaknesses. She will go above and beyond for clients, and she does it so quietly and humbly! Trust me, NY. You’re in such great hands!

    What I will miss….

    New York Brides! You guys are the best. You guys are SO freaking busy, you don’t have time to be that insanely picky and obsessive bride. You’re just happy to get this occasion over with because it’s already taken you so much time out of work/school. But most of all, I don’t think NY brides get nit picky because they don’t think there’s any reason to get all stressed out over it. (Which is VERY true.) I love that NY brides are very easy breezy about MANY details of the wedding and instead of turning into some crazed monster that their friends and family don’t recognize, they’re just NORMAL. I love how they trust us to do our job based on our reviews and photos alone. I love how some of them turn into our real life friends!

    I also really love the un-cattyness and friendliness of the hair/makeup community in NYC. Our friend, Sissi, has been such a cool chick! I’m so glad I got to hang out 1 more time before I left!

    Favorite Vendors! *No offense – there are MULTIPLE favorite vendors but these currently come to mind!

    Photographer in the NYC area:
    Caterers: Creative Edge Parties
    Place to get ready: London Hotel penthouse *Amazing view!
    Most Unique Wedding Venue: Stonehill Farms in Upstate NY
    Dress brand: Pronovias (*Given I’m biased because that was my dress brand!)

    New York… I still love you. I’ll never forget my experience here!!

  • Dec24


    JAC Beauty wishes you a warm, happy holiday season!

    Here we are at our very last 2011 wedding in Philly. Please excuse this terrible photo, it was taken in poor lighting!

    And just to leave you with something else, enjoy 20% sale items from Sephora until 1/3/12!  See you all next year! ;)

  • May3


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  • Feb7

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    A couple months ago, I worked with Merci New York and Blush Designs on a gorgeous photoshoot at the New York Flower Market. Man… we got up EARLY but everyone else was up early too! Getting up and being surrounded by gorgeous, fresh flowers isn’t so bad…. Here are some shots of the cute and adorable model, Miss E!

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  • Dec29

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    Just because it’s cold and you’re bundled up in clothes doesn’t mean you can forget about your daily maintenence! When your face feels cold and all your makeup is gone… that’s a bad sign. That means all your makeup was sucked into your pores because your skin is saying “I’m…so…thirsty….even this makeup’s moisture will do.”

    That’s how my face has been feeling the past couple days! Eek. My moisturizer cream jar is empty and I haven’t been able to get myself to Sephora. FINALLY I went yesterday and picked up these:

    $55 at Sephora

    $40 at Sephora

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