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JAC Beauty
  • Tip of the Day
  • Oct26

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    This does not apply to everyone. Every artist has their day of tips.

    But JAC Beauty brides to be, PLEASE DON’T:

    1) Don’t get semi permanent eye lash extensions

    JAC note: If you’ve been following me the past few posts, you will know that I LOVE FALSIES! While I do think that the semi permanent eye lash extensions are awesome day to day, I do not think it’s the way to go on the day of. Reason? I think they are kinda gross. Not everyone knows how to maintain them well so I’ve seen some crusty lashes :( … EEK saids the germ-o-phob in me. When eyeshadow lands on the lashes, it looks flaky and no matter how hard I try to fan it off, it just looks flaky. The lash extension people warn against using eyeliner and mascara … WHAT?!!? NO EYELINER OR MASCARA?? This is BRIDAL MAKEUP … it’s a must! It’s not easy being a bride! Really … suck it up for 1 day and just add the temporary falsies.

    2) Don’t come with dirty hair. PLEASE!!

    JAC note: WHO THE HECK STARTED THIS RUMOR?!? BLECH! Why wouldn’t you want to be your absolute freshest for your hubby to be!?! CLICK HERE to see why. It’s best to work with clean hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry of oil and moistures. I usually suggest washing your hair the night before without conditioner or the day of without conditioner just as long as it is completely dry before styling.

    3) Don’t get facial hair waxing the few days leading up to your wedding.

    JAC note: Who has time the few days leading up to the wedding to sit there and spend 30+ minutes plucking? MAKE TIME! Unless your going to wax your whole face, don’t wax … pluck! Waxing not only get the thicker visible hair but also the peach fuzz. When makeup gets on the 2 different surface, IT IS OBVIOUS. Makeup on smooth surface VS makeup on peach fuzz surface.

    SIDE note: I also had a bride who’s armpits were bright red from getting burned by wax!

    4) Don’t spray tan!!! If you must, just tanning bed!!

    JAC note: I had a few brides that spray tanned this past year & the minute I started blending in the makeup, the tan started rubbing off in chunks. You know when you use an eraser and you get the used slivers of the eraser all over your paper … that’s the way the spray tan started rubbing off. It then left me with an uneven surface so the makeup didn’t look as evenly distributed. For everyday, I think spray tan is great! Heck! C’s done it a few times without getting the oompa loompa effect. But for bridal … stay away from it!

    It’s not easy being a bride! How do people do this more than once?!?

  • Feb10


    So. It’s cold huh?

    And I thought yesterday was cold! Today is… absolutely frigid. Usually our apartment is a swamp and we need to crack open a window to make it breathable. I noticed how cold it was outside because our apartment was “normal” temperature.  Plus, the pads on my cat’s paws were cold, which is unusual.

    When your heat is on full blast, you might not be aware of how dry the air is. My sister has super oily skin and said her skin was GREAT at my apartment because it was so dry! Meaning… the dry skinned people like me are suffering even more.  I’ve heard of people saying that leaving out a bowl of water helps keep the moisture in the air.  However, we decided to invest in a real humidifier. Well, a “real” humidifier meaning this: (don’t laugh!)

    $35 at Bed Bath & Beyond

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  • Jan1

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    I really love the Origins skincare line, and they just came out with a new age defying line! I love their natural ingredients and the way it feels on my skin. Also!

    Modern Friction is my weekly scrub and I love it!  Save money when you buy the variety pack for only $45 ($76.25 value!):
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  • Dec29

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    Just because it’s cold and you’re bundled up in clothes doesn’t mean you can forget about your daily maintenence! When your face feels cold and all your makeup is gone… that’s a bad sign. That means all your makeup was sucked into your pores because your skin is saying “I’m…so…thirsty….even this makeup’s moisture will do.”

    That’s how my face has been feeling the past couple days! Eek. My moisturizer cream jar is empty and I haven’t been able to get myself to Sephora. FINALLY I went yesterday and picked up these:

    $55 at Sephora

    $40 at Sephora

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  • Dec14

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    …is seriously GANGSTA. Our lovely past bride, Miss J (now Mrs!) got ready at the London Hotel in midtown, and it was probably the nicest places I’ve ever seen! I love hotels in general so it was such a treat for me to see what a freaking PENTHOUSE looked like! (She was lucky enough to get a free upgrade!)

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  • Dec2

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    This is where I get all of my massive bobby pin, hairspray and hair needs. They also have skincare and makeup products (cotton pads, moisturizers, nail care, etc.) Only spend $50 for free shipping for the next few days, PLUS they’re offering all sorts of crazy free gifts!

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  • Nov29

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    With the holidays all around us, we must be prepared for lots and lots of pictures! Here are some of my tips of how to pose for pictures.  First off, let’s talk about what NOT to do. If you haven’t already heard of this Duck Face girl (the girl who poses with duck lips in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE) it is HILARIOUS! Keep watching… it just gets more & more ridiculous!

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