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JAC Beauty
  • Skin Care
  • Oct29

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    Ok, I did it! I caved and purchased my very own pink Clarisonic from Amazon.

    I’m a little peeved to see that the price went down $10 whole dollars from when I purchased it, so it’s even cheaper now at only $106! I went back and forth on whether to splurge on this expensive product and I heard so many mixed reviews on this.

    So do I like it? Overall, yes…. but I don’t use it every single day. I use it about every other day instead because I feel like it can be a little too rough and harsh on my skin. I heard other people with very oily skin say that it made them break out even MORE because they felt like they were spreading the germs around.

    First off, I wouldn’t recommend using their facial cream but using your own personal favorite face product. Currently I am using Shiseido’s extra rich cleansing foam.


    After I use the Clarisonic my face feels squeaky clean! It almost feels buffed in the way your skin feels after a facial. But since I have very dry skin I need to put on my toner and moisturizer ASAP! I know it’s very important to get all that dirt and grime out of your pores, but I hope I’m not stripping my skin of its natural oils.

    So basically that is the reason why I use it every other day and I think it works just fine! I know every person has different skin needs so I would really be careful if you have sensitive skin. I do happen to know some people who truly did NOT like the product and don’t even use it at all anymore!

    One thing for sure… for you lazy people out there, it’s kind of nice to just move the brush around your face knowing that it’s efficiently doing the job without you having to do much!

  • Oct19


    Everyone kept telling me to start getting facials to prepare my skin to be a bride. But after all that was said and done … I simply couldn’t afford it. My skin type? The “HIGH MAINTENANCE” type. It’s t-zone oily with super dry cheeks. To top it off, it’s super sensitive and at the age of 30, I still get pimples! PIMPLES!! So I knew the cheapo “chinatown” $30 facial would totally break me out.

    After experiencing a horrible $200 microdermabrasion facial (from a 5 star reputable spa) that left a million tiny little bumps all over my face, here are some tips that I am sharing with all my brides to be.

    (Click image for source)

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  • Apr20

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    Origins will be giving away Free Full Size bottles of Cleanser on 4/22! Simply print out the form and select the cleanser you want. Take it to your local Origins counter on 4/22 along with a bottle of cleanser and claim your FREE Full Size cleanser!

    Click on “Stores & Events” in the top right corner & click on the earth day box on the lower left. Complete & print out form to bring into the store.

    *thanks for the tip Miss J! :)

  • Mar14

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    Last minute appointment sale at the Skin Spa! Go today ladies and lift up your Mondays :)

  • Feb10


    So. It’s cold huh?

    And I thought yesterday was cold! Today is… absolutely frigid. Usually our apartment is a swamp and we need to crack open a window to make it breathable. I noticed how cold it was outside because our apartment was “normal” temperature.  Plus, the pads on my cat’s paws were cold, which is unusual.

    When your heat is on full blast, you might not be aware of how dry the air is. My sister has super oily skin and said her skin was GREAT at my apartment because it was so dry! Meaning… the dry skinned people like me are suffering even more.  I’ve heard of people saying that leaving out a bowl of water helps keep the moisture in the air.  However, we decided to invest in a real humidifier. Well, a “real” humidifier meaning this: (don’t laugh!)

    $35 at Bed Bath & Beyond

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  • Feb3


    Dear Michelle Phan … I <3 you! You are brilliant!, your, youtube stalker... J <3

    Here is the brilliant guru with a cheap easy homemade toner, facial solution that's made my wind burned face baby bum soft!

  • Jan30


    Along with my wannabe spa pedicure, I’ve been using this AS SEEN ON TV product:

    (I’m such a sucker for AS SEEN ON TV!)

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