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JAC Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Nov23

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    Now, I have been a die hard Lip Gloss Gal for a longggg time… but until recently I decided that lipstick should make a come back! I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful lipstick line from Yves Saint Laurent. The past few weddings I’ve had, all of the brides decided to go with my suggestion of this line and purchased it for their wedding day.

    Isn’t the gold tube so beautiful and fabulous?! It makes me feel like a woman whenever I take this out of my purse. I love this lipstick for these reasons:

    - extremely pigmented! Almost to the point where it stains your lips after wiping, eating, drinking, etc.
    - very moisturizing! No chapstick needed here, unless you got severe chapped lips.
    - beautiful colors! The Rouge Volupte Ultimate Beige color has been universally loved by brides of all types!
    - it’s the best quality lipstick I’ve ever felt on my lips.

    Now everything good comes with a price… it’s also the most expensive lipstick I’ve ever purchased at $34. But do I think it’s worth it? TOTALLY.

    Here’s my favorite color on my hand.

    I’m one of those types of people that has been cursed with white, pale lips. (On a side note, my husband has SUPER full and dark lips!? What the heck dude!) So on the days when it’s sunny and I just want a little color, I just dab a little bit on my bottom lip and rub. Then it gives just the right amount of pigment, so I don’t look like a dead person. Yay!

  • Jun22

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    Yves Saint Laurent savings, woot! Their Rouge Volupte #3 is my absolute favorite lipstick ever. With rich pigments, moisturizing textures in an ever-so-glamorous golden tube, I really feel like a woman when I put it on! I know a lot of people love their concealers, so take advantage ladies!

    Get 20% off (and free shipping on orders over $75) with the YSL’s Friends and Family event, now through June 26th. Use codeĀ FRIENDSĀ at checkout.


    *Thanks Mrs. C for sharing the deal! :D

  • Mar28


    We had so much fun with Miss J! She looked so much like Bada from SES, even though she had no idea who she was. We said that as a compliment, since we Koreans can’t look like Faith Hill or Jessica Alba. Looking like a Korean pop star is the next best thing we got! Miss J wanted a clean, classic and very natural look with lots of lashes!

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  • Mar23


    New photos!

    by Carol, posted in Bridal, Hair, Makeup

    I’m so excited, I’m about to burst looking at our new photos for our website! These are hot off the press… SO MANY to choose from! We should have some type of vote for which photos make it to our header. Thank you to Sebastian and his lovely wife for doing this awesome photoshoot! Can you believe we met on Craigslist!? Props to you, 9 Frames Studio of New York!

    All jewelry from ANTHROPOLOGIE

    All hair pieces from HE KNOWS MY NAME.

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  • Mar7

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    I love Two Faced and since Spring is (hopefully) around the corner, I was excited to see this $38 package come out at Sephora! Comes with face primer too, yay.

  • Mar2

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    Yesterday I mentioned how the OSCARS made everyone look so age-y and here’s what I meant by that.

    Gweneth Paltrow :( .. She looks SO old!

    (click on image to see what products were used to create this look)

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  • Feb4

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    Anyone else try the LOREAL Infallible? It’s pretty dang amazing how it lasts so long and because of the chapstick part of the product, it doesn’t dry out like other long last lipsticks! I LOVE LOVE and highly recommend it to all our brides and fellow JAC’ers~