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JAC Beauty
  • Hair
  • Jul14

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    It truly is such a small world. When I first met Miss C, we stood there thinking “hmm… I KNOW you from somewhere!” Of course, all SoCal Korean people know each other somehow. Turns out that we met sometime in high school at a dance! And here we are, meeting more than 10 years later in New York! :)

    Since Miss C’s makeup was already done, she really wanted to do something funky and cool with her hair style, yet have it classic and stylish.  She definitely wanted the “poof” on top yet have it be more interesting than boring.  (All photography done by JenHuang) Here’s what I came up with:

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  • Apr1


    I recently saw pictures from the lovely Miss H ( who was the photographer for Miss K’s wedding in Florida! It was so fun to have a destination wedding because it’s memorable for everyone.  I was honored to be part of such a fun wedding! (This is the same wedding I had blogged about before)

    The pictures!

    Lace and loveliness.

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  • Mar28


    We had so much fun with Miss J! She looked so much like Bada from SES, even though she had no idea who she was. We said that as a compliment, since we Koreans can’t look like Faith Hill or Jessica Alba. Looking like a Korean pop star is the next best thing we got! Miss J wanted a clean, classic and very natural look with lots of lashes!

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  • Mar23


    New photos!

    by Carol, posted in Bridal, Hair, Makeup

    I’m so excited, I’m about to burst looking at our new photos for our website! These are hot off the press… SO MANY to choose from! We should have some type of vote for which photos make it to our header. Thank you to Sebastian and his lovely wife for doing this awesome photoshoot! Can you believe we met on Craigslist!? Props to you, 9 Frames Studio of New York!

    All jewelry from ANTHROPOLOGIE

    All hair pieces from HE KNOWS MY NAME.

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  • Feb24

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    J and I have an upcoming photoshoot on Sunday that I’m very excited about! I’ve never really had the chance to “practice” doing different hair styles, I always have to wing it on the spot. (Which fortunately turns out well!) But I really want to expand my skills and see what else I can do, when given an opportunity to do whatever the heck I want.

    Almost EVERY bride gives me the same picture (Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, etc.) so I want to try some other of their hair styles. If you’re interested in seeing a particular hairstyle, please send me a link or comment so I can try it out!

    So far, I’m thinking about doing this look:

    Why is this any different? Well for starters, starting at the very tippy top of her forehead, there is just massive amounts of VOLUME. It’s rounded all around, making it a very Victorian, conservative and romantic look. No bangs, no part, nothing. This is way different than something like this (which is more typical):

    People always freak out when they see all that volume on their heads, as I’m sure petite girls like Eva Longoria have done, but when you see it all together (wedding dress, makeup) it looks amazing! There’s like 3-4 inches of volume on her head! I think the 2nd picture looks aiite, but it’s SO TYPICAL I WANT TO DIE. It’s like… can we please all do something a lil different?! =) That’s the perspective of ME on the end of being the hair stylist!

  • Feb23

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    My friend from Chicago recently came to visit me, and she had a blind date lined up as soon as she flew in! Of course being my friend, I wanted her to look good and offered to do a quick tease/style of her hair. As soon as I touched her hair, I exclaimed “your hair is so soft!” She then told me that she had been taking Biotin vitamins from GNC and that they’ve been really helping her hair and nail growth!

    It’s about $16 at your local GNC store! Hmm… not to bad if it can help my hair growth and texture!

  • Feb22

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    I’ve heard great things about this product, Miracle 7! And yay, there’s a sale at Sally’s!