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JAC Beauty
  • celebrities
  • Apr29


    Wow. With ten thousand gazillion trillion eyes on Kate Middleton, she looked extremely calm! The best thing I’ve heard about the wedding is that Kate did her own makeup. Whaaaaaat. AWESOME. What a badass bride for a legit princess! Supposedly she got makeup lessons but felt more comfortable doing it herself.

    J and I can feel her on this. You want to look like yourself on your wedding day, and who knows your face better than yourself? She looked so elegant, regal, and so naturally beautiful!

    Are we all swooning at this fairy tale right now? Can’t you just imagine Lady Di smiling from above, that her son chose another “regular” as his bride? SIGH.

  • Mar2

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    Yesterday I mentioned how the OSCARS made everyone look so age-y and here’s what I meant by that.

    Gweneth Paltrow :( .. She looks SO old!

    (click on image to see what products were used to create this look)

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  • Mar1

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    Who else caught the Oscars?? Anyone else disappointed with the looks? I’m not sure if it’s my HD TV or the new age camera settings, but everyone’s makeup looked SUPER caked on and “age-y” (with big under eye circles, wrinkles, etc.) But SCARLETT JOHANSSON looked amazing!

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  • Feb25


    O, Natalie.

    Who’s excited about the Oscars?! I’m…. ehh… I’m mostly excited to see how the ladies are going to be dolled up :) If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the year and have no idea who have been starring in the most popular movies, here’s a good wrap up of what you missed:
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  • Feb16

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    I personally am not a fan of makeup on boys but hot dang! Adam Lambert looks pretty dang hot at the 2011 Grammy’s!

    How do you guys feel about makeup on boys? In the Asian culture, this is pretty normal. But I think in America, this is still out of the ordinary and I have hard time getting used to it.

  • Feb9

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    I was on TV last night on Jimmy Fallon! (part 2, about 1 minute in) This was my 2nd time at Fallon but my first time being seen in the crowd. I’ve been trying to go to all these late night shows… next stop is the Colbert Report!

    Me on the right…

    So we were seated where there was a piece of paper on my chair. The interns came by and said that someone needed to sit there for a portion of the show where they pan into the audience. I was bummed that they were gonna make me leave, but Mr. Husband was kind enough to say that he would take my seat so I could stay! The guy next to me was an NBC intern and let me just say he was wearing SO MUCH MAKEUP! Like 5 lbs of powder by the looks of it! I kept wondering how those hair/makeup people got those gigs to put powder on Jimmy Fallon’s nose??? I would loooove to do that! :)
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  • Feb6


    I recently watched a taping of the Late Night Show with David Letterman and saw the Kardashian Sisters — Kim & Kourtney. First off, I’ve never watched their shows and don’t really know about them. In fact, I’m not really sure why they’re famous and also what nationality they are?!?!? BUT after seeing them on the show, I became a HUGE FAN! Why?

    They are unbelievably gorgeous.  Like drop dead, perfect and flawless gorgeous… WAY MORE in real life than in pictures and on TV, from what I’ve seen. It is actually really depressing to see how freaking SKINNY and small they are. You know how sometimes Kim Kardashian seems like she can be a little hefty or voluptuous? Uhh no.. she is like a size 0 or negative. And Kourtney is even tinier! The camera must make you so much uglier, fatter, more disgusting than ever because they looked AMAZING!
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