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JAC Beauty
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  • Nov30

    This past weekend on my trip to Montreal, a friend mentioned how she tried botox for free since she used to work at a plastics office. I was shocked to hear that because I always affiliated botox for old, washed out celebs trying to restore their youth and she’s around my age. But she says that the most amazing effect was having botox under the eyes to lift the sagging. She said it made her look so much brighter and awake!

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  • Nov29

    With the holidays all around us, we must be prepared for lots and lots of pictures! Here are some of my tips of how to pose for pictures.  First off, let’s talk about what NOT to do. If you haven’t already heard of this Duck Face girl (the girl who poses with duck lips in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE) it is HILARIOUS! Keep watching… it just gets more & more ridiculous!

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  • Nov27

    I met Miss J when she was a bridesmaid for one of our past brides, Miss D. Unfortunately, she is getting married in CA so I can’t make her up for her wedding but YAY! I had the honor of dolling her up for her NYC engagement shoot!

    For her makeup, she chose to go a more natural route with big lashes. For her hair, something casual with bouncy curls and at the last minute, we improv’ed braids into her 1/2 updo and EEK! IT WAS SUPER CUTE!

    After looking back on ALL her photos, the overall look inspiration was perfect for this couple. Clean, cute, casual, bouncy and just straight up gorgeous!

    Here is my bouncy-est couple!!

    All photos by: Jonathan Chan

    Click on image for a closer look!

    I love when the couple’s personality shows in their picture!

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  • Nov26

    Catch NYX Cosmetics thanksgiving sale!

  • Nov25

    I went in for my  last dress fitting yesterday and ….. IT’S TOO TIGHT!!!

    At my first dress fitting I had to take in 4 inches and then another 2 for the 2nd fitting. But at the 2nd fitting, I asked my seamstress to take it in a bit more because I’m planning on losing a bit more weight.

    DARN mini getaway with family! I ate so well! Like, I ate every meal so abundantly! :)

    My seamstress made comments like, “OH! Weren’t you gonna lose weight?” “Perhaps you should skip thanksgiving this year?”

    So for this 2010 thanksgiving, I plan to eat the salad and fruits. Then work it off by attending WOODBURY COMMON OUTLET’s black friday.

    Good luck everyone who plans to black friday! I wish everyone a safe and happy black friday!

    and please! Enjoy thanksgiving dinner for me~~ :(

  • Nov24

    G Spa

    by Jina, posted in Salon Review

    OHH LA LA!

    After working non-stop, planning a wedding, cleaning our new home, move into our new home, I SO needed to get away and relax. My amazing sister & cousin totally surprised me with a midweek getaway to G SPA of MGM Foxwoods!

    GOOD LORD! It was delicious! Everything about it! The spa, the food, even the mediocre club Shrine that had creepy creepers trying to grind up against you.

    They didn’t allow cameras into the spa so all these images are sourced from elsewhere. But may I take you on a mini tour?

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  • Nov23

    with LOVE! I seriously can not thank my bridesmaids enough for such a beautiful shower at one of my favorite restaurants! SALA (Flushing, NY)

    It started with a crazy morning because the microdermabrasion facial I got left MILLIONS of tiny red bumps ALL OVER MY FACE. My face felt raw, bumpy, itchy but painful, just straight up UGLY! I think of all the people I know, I have THE MOST SENSITIVE skin in the world. But this was beyond UGLY! I’m too embarrassed to even post up pictures :(

    Anyways! back to the subject at hand! My shower at

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