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JAC Beauty
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  • Oct31

    Happy Hollarween!!

    by Carol, posted in Self

    from C aka Hit Girl and my BFF, Lil Red!

    We got dressed last night but since it got ever COLDER tonight, we stayed IN! I’m so glad we did :)

  • Oct30

    Salon Pas

    by Jina, posted in Product Review

    I don’t know what I’ve been so busy with, but I’ve been running around everywhere. Part work, part wedding plannings, part … SIGNING ON OUR NEW HOME! YAY! (We even have a back yard with a little garden!)

    It’s definitely taken a physical toll on my muscles. I woke up this morning to a stiff neck and a huge not in my shoulders.

    SALON PAS to the rescue.

    What’s your favorite muscle reliever?

  • Oct28

    My head is definitely all about my wedding right now. But still. I seriously forgot that Halloween is right around the corner. I was reminded by the Halloween episode of MODERN FAMILY this week.

    I have officially retired my getting dressed up for halloween with plans to stay in and catch up on some OUTSOURCED. (Anyone else a super fan of Outsourced?)

    ANYhoooo! Here’s a really pretty Halloween inspired MEDUSA makeup. SO PRETTY!

  • Oct27

    Don’t you love how you can get name brands for nearly half off at GILT??

    Click here for the referral code to join~

  • Oct26

    Step 1 : Put your halloween mask on. JUST KIDDING! Skin prep!

    (All photos by: James Park from 2Be photos!)

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  • Oct25


    by Jina, posted in Tutorial - Makeup

    It’s been a while since I watched a blog worthy makeup tutorial. Here’s an awesome, wearable, fall smokey eye tutorial!

    The brushes she is using is from the SIGMA collection. They are MAC dup’s at an affordable price!

    So if you are just starting out, SIGMA brushes are a great buy!

  • Oct25

    Other than having to tackle my in laws, there’s nothing that’s really stressed me out about our wedding. Being a freelancer as I’m planning this wedding has been a God sent blessing! I’m able to do something everyday and doing major jobs are quite enjoyable. I know girlfriends that broke their backs doing stationary stuff for hours at a time.

    Here’s one thing I learned very quickly especially with my obsessive personality!

    - SET IT & FORGET IT! Stop looking for something better.

    I can’t even tell you how many times I doubted my dress, color schemes, stationary. It’s quite endless when it comes to wedding ideas. =.=;;;

    But last month, I did one of the best part of wedding planning. “TASTING” my foods!

    (Click image to enlarge and DROOL!)

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