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JAC Beauty
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  • Aug31

    My flu has officially taken over my body & mind :(

    I leave you with these gorgeous photos by JAMES PARK.

    Remember Miss H? Here is a sneak peak of her engagement photos!

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  • Aug30

    Flu in the summer

    by Jina, posted in Health

    SUCKS! I was half joking with one of my brides. Asking her to cough on me cuz she told me that she dropped 10 lbs from her flu. She didn’t cough on me but karma sure did.

    What’s the best way to fight this flu? Which meds work the best?

    It hurts so bad!

  • Aug29

    When I first started experimenting with the smokey eye, I hated YOUTUBE tutorials that required 5 eyeshadow colors, lots of brushes, lots of blending & effort. Because I didn’t own 5 eyeshadow colors nor the brushes.

    Where were you QUEENIE when I used to only own 1 eyeshadow and used the sponge tip applicator that the shadow came with???

    (I know it’s hard to sit through her talking if you don’t speak CANTONESE. Fast forward to 5:59 for the actual demo.)

  • Aug28

    I’ve been feeling very tired this week, so please forgive all my typos and gramatiticlal errors. (Yes, I did that on purpose.) I’m just too tired to go through everything thoroughly but I did briefly go over some posts and laughed some of my mistakes. Whatever.  I am barely able to keep my eyes open even as I type these very words….You guys have those weeks too, right?!?!

    Anyways, here’s my current Favorite Makeup At the Moment:

    $22 at Sephora

    It’s cute, slightly shimmery and very appropriate for summer. I typically don’t like lip gloss (I’m more of a chapstick gal) but I just wanted to try this on for size.  So far, I like it!

  • Aug27

    Working with other women has made realize many things as a female. As we all get older, we start to get really particular about things. This is all the more reason why I believe there is no “one answer” to doing anything beauty related. We all have our ideas of what is beautiful about our faces, bodies and etc.

    For example, a long time ago I worked for this Korean company and my boss was this really gorgeous woman in her 30’s. But she always had her eyeliner drawn very long at the end. It was to the point where she looked like a cat because her eyeliner went way beyond the ends of her eyes, like about 2 inches? I thought it was SO WEIRD because she’s so pretty and that was the ONLY makeup she ever put on everyday. I kept thinking that she would look so much better if she didn’t wear anything at all, and how weird it was that she did that purposefully! But I guess she thought it looked good on her!

    Yesterday, a woman from my work spent a really long time arranging a bouquet for the front desk. She was spending a lot of time, cutting and snipping here & there to assemble this:

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  • Aug26

    Wood Perm

    by Carol, posted in Hair, Salon Review

    I decided to get a perm in Cali since they’re soo cheap! Unfortunately, being in Cali without a car is pretty difficult. I typically get my perms in Garden Grove or Diamond Bar, but I had a few hours to spare in Irvine. I ended up just trying out a brand new place thanks to my best friend  That is how I found Delerbang Salon in Tustin!

    I asked the lady for a digital perm (only $80!) but she looked at my hair and recommended a Wood Perm. What’s a wood perm? She described it as having the same effects of a digital perm, but it is way less damaging. They just use wood rollers and put on the potent stuff without any steam or machine.

    Wood Perm

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  • Aug25

    I’ve been on birth control for 5 years… not only to prevent pregnancy but also because I have the craziest PMS symptoms and irregular periods. Once a month I can be found sprawled on the bathroom floor (ANY bathroom floor) dry heaving, having the worst cramps and wanting to diarrhea all at once. Sexy huh? :)

    So I decided to go on Yaz!

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